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Children Need to Learn How to Use the School Bathroom

Children Need to Learn How to Use the School Bathroom

Many parents teach their children how to count numbers, cite the alphabet, and determine colors and shapes before they enter preschool. They also educate them on how to introduce themselves and get along with others in their Montessori daycare. How about self-help skills?

It is beneficial for children to acquire self-help skills before they enter Montessori school in Jessup, Maryland. For instance, a child needs to learn how to use the bathroom and wash their hands without needing help from an adult.

Parents need to understand that using the bathroom at home is not the same as using the bathroom in an academy preschool. At least, it’s not the same for some children as per a teacher in Montessori preschool in Maryland.

Unfortunately, some preschoolers get confused on how to go about using the school bathroom. Are they allowed to do that? Will their teacher permit them? How do they ask their teacher for permission? Do they need to ask for permission at all?

To avoid your child from experiencing pee incidents and embarrassment in school, teach them what to do in case nature calls. It’s also helpful to show or remind them where the school bathroom is before letting them enter their classroom.

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