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Educate Your Child About Other People’s Pets

Educate Your Child About Other People’s Pets

Some children who are close to their pets at home may believe that other animals in the neighborhood, park, or anywhere are as friendly as their own. However, they can’t be more wrong about this.

While it’s natural for house pets to be friendly to their owners, even their owner’s children, it’s not the same for stray animals or pets who live with different owners. Some are overly protective, territorial, and aggressive.

According to an educator in Montessori daycare in Maryland, children can get hurt just by petting an adorable-looking dog. Educating your child not to play, pet, or even go near any animals outside their home is necessary.

One child care tip is to explain to your child that no matter how cute or friendly-looking these animals are, they can still be dangerous. If ever they see someone else’s pet, especially if it’s a dog, they must learn to steer clear or hang on to an adult for their protection.

When your child is ready to enter Montessori preschool in Maryland, we believe that educating them about outdoor safety is always important.

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