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Handle the Drop-Offs with Care

Handle the Drop-Offs with Care

Many parents may feel apprehensive about dropping off their child in a Montessori daycare for the first time. Although they may have already given their child a briefing on what will happen, they’re still uncertain as to how their little one will handle the new environment.

While some children are excited about the prospect of meeting new kids their age and seeing a new place, others are scared as they’re accustomed to the comforts of home. Keep in mind that every child is different. Each has a unique personality and perspective.

One helpful tip to ascertain that your child will feel comfortable during drop-offs is to give them something that will remind them of home. Such can be a parent’s handkerchief, blanket, or other clothing items.

You can also let them bring snacks to their Montessori preschool in Maryland that you usually serve at home! Anything familiar to your child will give them a sense of security as they move toward the steps of achieving independence.

Another tip is to create a goodbye ritual before school care. You can hug and kiss your child before dropping them off. If in case that it doesn’t feel natural to both of you, then you can go with a creative handshake, high-five, or even fist bump.

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