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Help Develop Your Child’s Social Skills

Help Develop Your Child’s Social Skills

As a parent, you must help build your child’s social skills, especially when they’re still young. When they learn how to communicate well with others, good manners and right conduct tend to follow. These characteristics can then help them as they grow up, especially when it comes to looking for jobs.

As experienced educators in Montessori School in Jessup, Maryland, we understand that not all children are friendly and outgoing. Some are somewhat shy to the point that they will avoid making eye-contact with people, including other children.

One of the many ways to teach your child how to socialize with others is to do a role-play at home. As a parent, you can pretend to be a classmate or teacher. You can then have your child practice making eye contact with you and do an introduction.

Enrolling your child in a Montessori Daycare can also help with your child’s social skills. In a daycare environment, there are activities that allow your child to get engaged with other children. At Maple Lawn Montessori of Laurel, we aim to make each child feel comfortable with others and have fun.

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