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Managing Your Child’s Scribbling Habits

Managing Your Child’s Scribbling Habits

When you were still a child, do you remember scribbling on your house walls and then end up getting scolded by your parents? And now your child is doing the same thing! Now, why is that?

Scribbling a form of expression, a way of communicating—and it goes back in the early peoples who have also done scribbling on cave walls. Isn’t that amazing?

Many children in Montessori daycare enjoy expressing themselves through scribbling. That’s why parents and teachers give them drawing or coloring pads where they can unleash their imagination and give free rein to their thoughts and feelings.

According to an educator in Montessori school in Jessup, Maryland, some children move over to the walls to scribble, especially when their pads run out of space—or they feel like it scribbling on a more extended scope. That can drive any parent crazy. There are remedies to this problem. A few of which can be as follows:

  • Provide them a black board with white and colored chalks and eraser.
  • Tape a large piece of paper on a wall for the canvas to stay in place as your child scribbles.
  • Ask your little one to help you clean off their writings on the wall for them to realize not to scribble there anymore.

As much as possible, avoid reacting in anger to your child’s scribbles. Instead, work on other solutions that can have a more positive impact to them.

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