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Teach Your Child to Wait for Their Turn Before Speaking

Teach Your Child to Wait for Their Turn Before Speaking

The society usually expects good manners and proper social etiquette. As a parent, you must teach your child the right way to communicate with people as early as preschool. That way, it can benefit them immensely as they grow up.

You may catch your child interrupting you while you are speaking with someone like your partner or a school teacher in Montessori Preschool in Maryland. As an adult, you know that interrupting someone without excusing themselves is rude. However, your child doesn’t know that, so please avoid snapping at them for trying to get your attention.

Sometimes, your child can’t wait to speak their mind, especially when they need something like snacks. While that’s understandable, you still need to educate them on how to excuse themselves for interrupting. You can encourage them to use statements such as, “Excuse me,” or “I don’t mean to interrupt…”

Our Montessori school in Jessup, Maryland strives to hone each child’s social skills. We also aim that children grow up to become polite and respectful to others.

If you are looking for a Montessori daycare that has Pre K programs for children, you are on the right page. Contact Maple Lawn Montessori of Laurel today!

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